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The name Skandha is named after Lord muruga and is located Kudalur Post, Magudanchavadi Sankagiri Taluk, . Skandha school of Architecture is our first institution with a long term ambition of setting institutions, whole of India. The school’s ambition is not just to produce architects for the society but also enrich them with skills and exposure turning out to be a complete Architect.

We provide them education with a better environment also ensure their placement with internship program taking right from campus to the corporate!!

We care your career as we believe geographical limits are no barriers as placement assistance is available for countries like UK, US, Australia, NZ, Singapore along with overseas assistance.

We make sure the students have add on values with certifications in Auto CAD and Soft skill programs.

We ensure the students communication is of the highest standard as certification from the University of Cambridge is made a mandatory part of the study.

We have a team of architects with professional expertise serving the students sharing their vast experience.

Numerous visiting faculties from diversified industries, such as Film industry, Interior Design and other give the students extra edge to excel in their career.

A special Mentor will be provided to the students guiding them into the right way not just during the project but for the entire course.

We strongly believe in Mr.Shiv Kiera’s words,

“Winners Don’t do different things
But Do things Differently”

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Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci
April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519)
Soft skill training program
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Library – with 500 titles